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Wednesday, September 28

When the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation asked us to create an e-commerce website we compared their needs to a number of solutions. Magento, OpenCart and WooCommerce were more complicated than what was needed for their 10 product pottery store. In the end we decided the right fit for budget and complexity was to integrate an online ecom service like ECWID into their website. It was also easier for the client to maintain.

The online e-com service we chose has a number of benefits. It includes a shopping cart with login and profiles saved across shopping sessions. It integrates with a large number of payment processors including Moneris, Stripe, Square and PayPal. It also includes a cost calculator for shipping, inventory tracking and SSL certificates for secure ordering.

Of course the simpler online e-com solution had limitations. In this case, the biggest limitation was that the e-com service only allowed tiny 80 pixel high product images. Their developers said that increasing this size is on their to-do list but not currently possible. However, we found a way to overcome their size limitation with custom coding.

The end result is a beautiful e-commerce solution, just right for the client.  Check out the store now!

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