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Often the main purpose of a website is to encourage potential customers to contact your business. Having an online live chat feature on your website can be one of the most compelling ways to get a conversation started. Online chat features are more cost-effective than telephone and more immediate than email.

In a similar way, online scheduling features can save your staff time by allowing your customers to book their own appointments. Recently, Aroma Web Design added both online live chat and scheduling features to a new website we built for Granger Medical. These features paired with clean and colorful layouts have created an inviting and effective design.

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Your website is a marketing tool.

The purpose of that marketing tool is to get your website visitor to take certain actions in line with your marketing plan, with of course will have the end result of making your business profitable.

Bounce rate is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of your website’s conversion rate.

Read on to find out how to lower your bounce rate and boost your conversion…

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and conversion rate to low?

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There’s nothing worse than putting weeks or even years into refining the content on your website, that identifies who you are and what identifies you as unique in the marketplace, only to find out another company has copied your content and is using it on their website, pretending your carefully crafted words are theirs.

How to protect yourself?

We use a service called, which notifies us every two weeks of who has copied our content and where they are using it.

We then follow a process of first notifying them that we are aware of their having copied content on their website, and giving them a week to remove it.

Usually this takes care of the problem!

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Choosing a Web Designer

Sunday, March 6

You may want to consider some of the following questions when you are considering which firm to entrust your business image to.

TIME IN BUSINESS – “Professional” web design firms pop up like mushrooms constantly, run by individuals that think a little HTML and Photoshop knowledge makes them web designers. They often do this on the side, and they disappear and stop serving their clients when they decide to try something else or land a full time job.  The Aroma Web Design team has been creating websites since 1999.

EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS – (NOT the same thing – but usually related)
Do they have a solid understanding of business communications and vendor/client relationships? Do they understand how to capture your message through the look & feel of your site to allow you to connect to your customers? It does not matter if they “talk the talk” if they can’t “walk the walk”. Look carefully at their portfolio or “example sites” to make sure that their credit is actually at the bottom of it.

UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR NEEDS – Do you feel a connection to the person you are considering, do you find it easy to communicate with them? Do you feel that they are listening to what you are saying when you talk about your business? Do they have a solid understanding of the underlying principle of how you work, and what is important to you and your customers? Are they willing to take time needed to fully explain to you all your options and the end results of choices, so that you can make a confident and well informed decision?

QUALITY/ STYLE – Are they offering unique custom graphics designed for you, or using a template which will give you a site looks like dozens of others? Do you feel that they take a great deal of pride in their work? Do they have a good sized portfolio that they can show you? Do you like their style? Are they willing to work with you throughout the design process to ensure that you get the exact look that you want?

ENTHUSIASM & INSPIRATION – Are they enthusiastic and inspired about the opportunity of working on your site? If not, their jaded attitude may reflect in a website that that lacks creativity and impact.

FULL SERVICE / SUPPORT SPEED & RELIABILITY– Do they offer everything from image design to matching print media and advertising, updates and client training & support? How quickly they will update your site when you send them an email with changes ordered?

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Can they show you a good number of referral letters? Have a look at our client satisfaction page for an example!

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