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The following is a brief list of features commonly requested by our clients for their sites. Not every feature is right for every site – it depends who is using it and what the users are looking for out of the experience.

How long each type of feature takes to program depends on how you wish for it to function. We will be able to provide you an estimate of time based on what you would like your site to do, and our suggestion of how to most efficiently achieve that goal.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) – This is a system which will allow you to log into a password protected area on your website, and choose which page you would like to edit. You then type or paste the new content that you would like on your page, click “Update” and your changes instantly show up on your website, with no HTML knowledge needed. The West Coast Web hosting system has a CMS (Content Management System) included with the package price to enable you to easily update your website once it is launched.

PHOTO ALBUM – Log in through a web interface, browse on your computer to select the photo you want to add, and the album will automatically upload the photo, create a thumbnail Read the rest of this entry »

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