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Beautiful Therapist Web Designs

Monday, October 24

Each client we work with, holds an opportunity to teach us something new.  Through working with many psychologists and counselors over the past 17 years, we’ve learned the benefits of focusing on solutions instead of getting stuck on problems.

The common problems a therapist websites designed by a general web design company, are websites that have a clinical look… not welcoming at all.   In contrast to this, we developed a brand standard for therapist websites…. warm tones, organic textures and beautiful images with emotional appeal.

Of course, as every therapist specializes in helping a different demographic, there is variation in the type of design as well, to reach the ideal client for each practitioner.

As a result of this process and years of experience, with every therapist web design and brand that we develop, we reach beyond clean and professional design, to a design that holds emotional appeal and beauty.  These are the web designs that help prospective clients to feel comfortable and safe, and take that first step of reaching out.

The recent website and brand we developed for Life Inspired Counselling, incorporates these principles of ideal therapist design.  And of course, we made the website responsive to give the best experience on every device.

See the work we’ve done for other psychologists and counsellors, by clicking here.  We specialize in therapist web design, and we look forward to speaking to you about your practice!




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