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having access.

I love the fact that I have full access to my site and can make changes at any time.Put your trust in the Aroma team and you will not be disappointed!!

Kory Dunlop,
White Springs Water

I love my website.

Thanks again! I love my website as much today as I did when we first completed it---perhaps even more since its been so easy to work with, revise and keep current---LOVE IT! Warmly, Cynthia

Cynthia Roney,
Executive Passage

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The QuickEdit CMS (Content Management System)

What is a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is an online software that gives you an administrator login screen to your website. When you have logged in, you can perform various functions on your website without knowing HTML. When you change the content through the administrator interface, the CMS converts your input to HTML, and automatically updates your website for you.

How will the QuickEdit CMS Benefit my Company?

Time is money. With your website on our CMS, you will be able to have anyone in the office that can type with two fingers be the webmaster for your website. No more having to call in a specialist to change a few lines of text on your site, now you can update your website three times a day if needed, without specialist fees.

What can I do with QuickEdit CMS?

Have a look at a few of the features of this powerful CMS:

  • Create and Edit Text Pages
  • Add Illustrations to Pages
  • Create Many Different Styles of Photo Albums
  • Add Multimedia: Video, Sound, PDF etc.
  • SEO tools help you to boost traffic
  • Password Protected Pages
  • Subscription Based Content Access
  • Multiple content layouts
  • Website Search Tools
  • Google Tools Integration
  • Light E-Commerce Paypal Gallery
  • Dynamic Form Creation
  • Many other features...

CMS Demo

QuickEdit contains many powerful tools.
For a full tour of features and demo of the software, please contact us.

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