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Logo Design from $760, Websites from $1000, Full custom website packages from $3400 to $6,000 depending on design package and CMS. contact us for more detailed info!

Keep in mind... if you try to economize on how you represent yourself to your potential clients, it will cost you a hundredfold in lost sales.

To find the best company to create your web design and brand, go by the quality of the portfolio!

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Custom Web Design Packages

How are we priced in the marketplace?

We're a mid sized company (5 team members) have 17 years experience in producing beautiful and effective web designs and company brands, a huge portfolio of high quality work, and an established effective work process.

However, even with our top end design package, with us you're not paying 5-10K for a simple website, like the bigger companies have to charge to support their big overhead, including a team of salespeople and office space.

We've been told many times by our clients who shopped around before choosing us, that we offer excellent design value and that we're doing it at a moderate price.

If you have not seen our portfolio yet, you may want to go have a look at the 150+ design examples to have an idea of the level of design that we provide to our clients.

Logo Design, Business Cards, and Full Branding

If you need full logo design, this is usually around $760. Alternatively, if you just need a "logo tune-up" or print materials matching your new website, these are available on an hourly basis when you're ready for them. Any other business materials, such as business cards, print ads, brochures, trade show materials etc... is all available from your designer, on an hourly basis once you find that you need it.

Talk to Us... We Create Designs that Meet Your Goals!

We charge a fair price for a superior design product.

For a detailed quote on your web design needs, just send us a quick email... it takes about 30 seconds... or give us a call at 778.387.3525.

I look forward to discussing your business with you in detail!