Extras Training Brand

This client needed a strong brand, however without the investment required when creating a full custom design.  After detailed consultation and planning, we choose this powerful WordPress based design for the Extras Training Centre website.

We then created a logo specifically to work with the design of the site, to make them work together seamlessly.  The brand was then rounded out and further developed through the creation of matching business cards and rack cards for print advertising.

Finally, we added the functionality of full e-commerce to the site, to allow the client to sell tickets to their training events online.  Check out the site, at http://extrastrainingcentre.com.

“We spent the requisite time and effort checking around and interviewing several different companies before selecting Aroma to do our website and graphic design, because we were starting from scratch. Our homework was rewarded with a polished and professional website that did everything we wanted it to while also leaving us room to expand with our new business.

Britta and her talented team (shout out to Nick, Jose and Jason!) gave us design elements for our branding (logo, business and rack cards, posters) that we are proud to display and use in our advertising.

We can, and often do, recommend them to anyone looking for website and graphic design services. ”

~ Don Anderson, Extras Training Centre


  • CLIENT Extras Training Centre
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Logo, Website, Print Branding