Environmental Branding™
Holistic Design & Marketing

Over the past seven years, we have developed and refined a unique, holistic philosophy of design in response to the need for simplicity and serenity in the Western culture.

The word "Environmental" refers not only to our frequent references to the impact and lines of nature in our designs, but also to the creation of an environment, an engaging and inviting visual "living space", for the viewer.

Our standard of design allows our websites to reach the consumer on an emotional level. Our style reflects a return to beauty and elegance. Structure is defined by clean lines and simplicity, and carefully chosen images are used for maximum impact. Branding a business with this style reflects an image to their potential clients that is professional, but at the same time warm and inviting.

A Culture in Persuit of Serenity

There is a growing trend of people pursuing relief from the exhaustion caused by mental and visual overload. The demand that the modern consumer has in their life for simplicity / beauty / serenity is well recognized in the retail market. Yoga studios, alternative healing practices and Feng Shui books are all flourishing as a result. Strangely enough, the field of web design is seriously lagging behind in offering websites that cater to this need, probably as a result of the number of designers that care about making a website "cool" but have no understanding of how designs will impact the user.

The Viewer's Emotional State

Today's consumer attempting to find a product or service online is often functioning at a low level state of stress from information overload. Which site should they visit? Where is the information? So many of the websites out there embody impersonal / technical / visually 'noisy' design that it makes the problem worse. With so much visual clutter caused by the multiple menus, boxes, and animations, where should they look to try to find what they need? Many times the consumer just hits the back button and gives up because it's just too overwhelming.

Environmental Design: Providing the Antidote

The Aroma Web Design philosophy of Environmental Branding™ takes into account the viewer's need for peace and simplicity, and provides them with instant relief (the "ahhh" reaction) from the stress of the frenetic activity encountered when searching.

Giving a viewer a clean, peaceful, beautiful space causes them to pause, heave a sigh of relief, and relax. They are now in the frame of mind to absorb the information on the website, allowing the site to fulfill its purpose and benefit the business that it represents.

Environmental Branding for your Business

The comment we hear the most often when people are calling us for the first time after finding our work on the web is "Your work is unique, there's something different about your websites!"

Done Right.

Many of our loyal client base came to us after having very poor experiences with previous web design 'companies' or designers, and it's up to us to help them to regain their confidence. We show them how the design process should work, and the quality of design as it should be with an ethical, professional company.

Make Your Website Stand Out!

The impact of our philosophy of Environmental Branding™ makes our clients' sites stand out. Give us a call, and let us channel the the power and simplicity of nature to captivate your clients!