Therapist Web Design
& Psychologist Web Design

Regardless of whether you use a traditional or alternative approach to therapy, regardless of if you are a counselor, a psychologist, or another type of therapist, we will create a web design (or complete brand) for you that will express your approach.
Our therapist web design and psychologist web design, balances a visual projection of confidence and safety, with enough emotional appeal to allow potential new clients to feel comfortable to take the first step to get in touch with you. Have a look at some of the therapist web designs below, to see how we can help you build your practice with a beautiful and unique image.

Serene Therapist Spaces

We believe that an effective counselor or psychologist website is easy to read, beautiful to see, and welcoming.  This is the core of our professional therapist web design style.

Modern Counselling Style

This website was built to be light, modern and fresh, for easy reading.

Creative Psychologist Websites

Our designer is wonderful at creating unique and beautiful therapist brands... have a look below!

Psychologist Brand

For this psychologist, we create a fresh, warm look to appeal to all ages.

Counselling Brand

Beautiful, serene logo & website for a new counselling clinic.

Wellness & Counselling Services
Creative Therapist Design

We love to create logos & brands that are creative & beautiful!

Child Psychologist Websites

We have a number of child psychologist that work with us, to create their branding.  Child psychology calls for joyful colors, and a little more whimsy and loose design elements.

Dr. Deborah BellPsychologist
"The team at Aroma Web Design was great, I felt supported throughout the process. They took my ideas and made them a reality--with beautiful results!

Therapy Design Styles

Do you prefer images of a beautiful family smiling in the summer sun? Or do you feel that a different approach is better for your clients, to reach them where they're at?

Career Counsellor Website

Counselor & Psychologist Design

We work with psychologists and counselors all over North America, to develop their sites & brands.

Counseling Practice Site
Jennifer WattsLiving Well Counselling
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the website what you've done for my practice. I just another person compliment me on the website and I just couldn't have done it without your team!

Counsellor & Psychologist Practice Branding

Do you need a complete brand built for your therapy practice?  We work with therapist branding as well!

Psychologist Practice Site

If you have a large practice, we'll build you a beautiful site, which you can maintain in house.

Karen MulliganSpirit Renewed
This is me smiling! I mean really smiling! I feel a sense of relief....I am done and I feel great about my decision on the design, AND I feel over the moon delighted with the gorgeous and beautiful masterpiece you have created for me!
Sites that create connections.

If you're a counsellor, a psychologist or another type of therapist, get in touch now for a free web design consultation. P.S. You may also want to check out our medical web design and healthcare web design page.