Time Approval Policy Information

For easy reference, here's the information about time approvals.

Additional Hourly Work Billing Policy
All work is billed by the minute as it is completed.
Each phone call or email is considered authorization of a 4 minute minimum.

  • If the request is estimated to take 30 minutes or less then authorization to do the work is implied, and we will proceed with the work requested without sending a time approval.
  • If the request is estimated to take over 30 minutes then a time authorization will be sent, and we need the time authorization back with the note "time approved" to be able to proceed.

Additional Hourly Work Payment Policy
Our small business rate requires a credit card on file to clear any balance every two weeks.  During the middle and end of each month, your card will be billed for additional work that was performed for you during the two weeks before the billing.  You will then receive a receipt with details on time spent.  You agree to pay for time authorized and used regardless of what use you decide to make of fruits of time used.

What is Billable Hourly Time?
All of our custom website design packages are broken up into two stages:

  1. FIXED PRICE PART OF PROJECT: The first part of every website design, is the included work of x hours of web design, and programming and testing the site to make sure it matches the approved design.
  2. HOURLY BILLING PART OF PROJECT: The second part of every website design, is the hourly billing part of the project. We make this part of the project hourly, as every client has different needs, and as such may request a different amount of support in this stage. Support requested may include such things as content insertion, support, training, questions & communications by phone and email, requested revisions and additions, debugging of requested work if needed, ongoing support etc.

Hourly Work Price List

  • Simple HTML & General Support Work: $95 per hour.
  • WordPress Site Work, Programming, Graphic Design Work, SEO & Writing: $125 per Hour.
  • Marketing consultation, System Planning, Advanced programming & SEO: $145 per hour

If you have any questions about your project, please let me know!