Custom Logo Design:

The Core of a Successful Business Brand

Starting a new business, or need a fresh start to your existing brand? We'll design your company logo and business brand for you from the ground up.

Designing a new logo is a unique opportunity to make a solid first impression. A good logo is memorable; the human brain will remember a unique design every time. To make a logo memorable, logo design has to be free of imitation, duplication and resemblance.
Need a logo tune-up? We can work with your existing logo, and modernize it without loosing your existing identity. (If your logo is out-dated or just not quite as professional looking as you'd like, this option may be perfect for you.)


Logo Style Consultation


Logo design starts with a consultation so we can establish, in partnership with you, a style and concept that will reflect your business identity, and attract your chosen target market.

Logo Sheet Design


The next stage is the creation of a "logo sheet" presenting you with creative font selections, custom illustrations and arrangements that set the unique style for your logo.

Revisions & Finalization


Once you have made a decision on which one is your favorite, we then do revisions and finalize this concept, and send you the source files to use for print & web.

Price Range


This professional level of logo design varies in time needed depending on complexity, and number of revisions. Most of our logo projects, are between $760 - $960.

Talk to us now about your logo design...

The examples above are only a few of the many logos we've created over the years. For a private showing of additional logo samples, and to discuss your logo design needs, call us at 778.387.3525. Or just click the button below to get a quote on your project now!