Custom Web Development Quotation Process


Having your project professionally documented before coding begins is absolutely essential to the successful completion of your project.   Only by having project documentation in hand, can you be sure that the company you hire, will build exactly what you want.  We work by the book to make sure every decision is made before we write one line of code, to keep your budget on track.


what you want to achieve


the system


your solution


supporting your staff


growing your code


Our hourly rates depend on the complexity of the programming that needs to be done, and how booked we are at the time. Hourly price is not as important as you may think, the more important thing is how much the PROJECT will cost.

A very experienced programmer with 25 years of experience, will have a higher hourly rate, but due to his knowledge will work faster than a cheap programmer that has only five years or so of web development experience behind him.

Custom programmed solutions for Greater Vancouver clients.

We create custom programmed online solutions for clients in the greater Vancouver area. If you need custom web development done, please read this page, then contact us for your one hour free consultation.

Consultation & System Planning

Here's the order of events to get started with your project.


Project Wish List

The first thing you need to do is put into writing exactly what you want to do, with all the detail you can (bullet point list of facts, no marketing speak).  Break down functionality by (front end user / logged in user/ administrator) and whatever other levels of access you plan on having.  Include links to the features you like from other websites wherever possible. Send over the list, and we'll have a look at it.


Initial Estimate

We'll give you a ballpark estimate of how long it will take to build your system, based on  A) what information we can gather from your document and  B) our 15 years of programming experience building similar systems.


In Person Consultation, Revised Estimate

If you wish to meet in person and discuss your project in more detail (consulting) we offer a one hour in person free consultation to advise you on your project, a consulting fee of $125/hour applies after the initial one hour.

During this meeting we will point out any pitfalls inherent to your project from a technical perspective, advise you on the best way to meet the challenges.   After this meeting we will give you a revised ballpark price based on the additional information received during the meeting.


System Documentation

The  next thing that needs to happen, is that we meet in detail and complete all documentation for the project, including wire-framing. This time is billed at $145/hour and can take anywhere from 5 hours for a small project to 20-30 hours for a large project. During this time we will be going through all the options of the project with you, and show you how your goals can be best accomplished for the least amount of hours, and best usability for the end user.


Final Price & Production

Once every detail is nailed down, documented and signed off, we can now give you a development price that will be accurate within 5% in final development cost. (Please note that if you change specifications of the project after we have provided the development price, this will also cause change to the price). Starting Production: At this point it's up to you if you want to work with us on the programming phase of the project, or you wish to take your documentation and shop for prices.


Properly documenting the project before coding,
is absolutely essential to the successful completion of your project.

The important thing to note is that if you go out without this full documentation, every company will make different assumptions, and give you grossly different prices (depending on if they are trying to up-sell you on more complicated functionality, or underbid by assuming every function will be bare bones).  Only by having project documentation in hand, can you be sure that the company you hire, will build exactly what will make you happy.

To open communications about your custom programming project, please contact us below, or to experience web development the way it was meant to be. We are the experts at Engineering your Solutions™